Hexa Plus, markets and distributes a wide range of products, from temperature-sensitive vaccines and life-saving pharmaceutical products to OTC and medical devices.

Our Strength

The company owners and management include medical doctors, pharmacists and marketing specialists who have a very strong background and deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its market dynamics.
We have a long association & excellent relationship with all private and public medical institutions, Doctors and Pharmacies.
Our staff include former registration officers, former head of Yemeni Supreme Board of Drugs, Pharmacists, Doctors and Market Consultants to facilitating not only your company's fast & easy registration and market entry but nursing it until it achieves its goals.
Strong supply-chain management that covers all areas in Yemen and Djibouti and Somalia Markets for an efficient delivery of products.
Our policy of focusing in business with our partners is the main key of our success and development.
No compromises on quality as it represent the image of our companies.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To develop longstanding business partnerships with pharmaceutical manufactures & suppliers to enable access to the best in-class products with affordable price and helping enhance patient care and growth markets via our trusted sales network.


To increase the access to high quality, life-saving and life-enhancing medicines by providing excellent service in line with industry best practice.

Our Values

Transparency & Honesty, Positivity & Passion, Dedication & Reliability, Standards & Knowledge, Growth & Partnership.

Company Responsibility

Hexa Plus Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare is committed to good corporate responsibility and the highest ethical standards. To fulfill these requirements, we establish and maintain systems and policies to ensure that unethical practices do not form part of the supply chain:
  • Code of Business Ethics.
  • Anti-corruption & bribery Policy.
  • Equality & Diversity Policy.
Also, it is our mission in Hexa Plus to provide quality, effective and affordable comprehensive products through our well respected, established and robust company.
We aim to contribute the prevention of disease, improve healthcare and provide effective diagnostic and preventative equipment in a much needed market of Yemen.

Overall Strategies

Conglomerate Business Approach.
High Focus on Quality Products & Services.
Become A Recognized Player in the MENA Region.
Sustainable Growth & Expansion.
Add Value to Society & Be Society Responsible.

Our Teamwork

Hexa Plus managed by a team of seasoned professionals with decades of healthcare experience.

With efficient planning, dedicated sales and marketing professionals, designated customer service and biomedical service teams, our robust distribution network is fully supported in its task of ensuring each of our portfolio brands meet and exceed their respective business growth potential.